The Calgary Rotaract Club is spearheading an international project by providing access to clean water, sanitation, and education. Honduras is experiencing fast economic growth paired with a high unemployment rate. Unequal distribution of income has pushed over half the population below the poverty line and without adequate resources for water and education. Over the past ten years, political unrest, war, and natural disasters have destroyed many community services. Water and sanitation services have been implemented throughout the country, but often do not meet government standards. Rural communities are common throughout the country, and often walk long distances to access water and do not have adequate sanitation systems.


Juan Ramon Molina elementary school is very remote - over 2 hours from the capital Tegucigalpa, in the village of Ojojona. The roads are regularly washed out, and getting supplies there is very difficult. The project consists of the following phases:

Phase 1: Building a concrete pad for a place for the children at the elementary school to play. Before this was just a dirt area with uneven ground and caused injuries. There is also a soccer pitch painted on the pad. Phase 1 has been completed.

Phase 2: Building washroom facilities and clean drinking water facilities. This money for this project has been transferred to Honduras in November 2015.

Phase 3: Building a computer lab for the children. This phase is going to cost approximately $10,000, and we already have a $5,000 donation from Rotary club of Calgary Olympic.