Executive Committee

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body of a Rotaract Club and includes the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair. Club Services Chair, International Services Chair, Youth Services Chair and Vocational Services Chair.

President - Waseem Snobar

The President is the leader of the Club and is an ex-officio member of all the Club’s committees. The President is the face of the club and as such networking and relationship building with other Rotary Clubs is a key element of their job. 

Secretary - Erica Frischorn and Cat Cervantes

The Secretary forms the backbone of the Club, responsible for club administration and record keeping. The Secretary ensures the continuity of club operations, and aims to improve overall communication and administrative procedures. 

Treasurer - Paul Rowe

Responsible for the fiscal management of the club including the recording, tracking and allocation of funds.

Membership Executive  - Joyce Li

The membership Executive ensures that members are engaged in the Club and that new members/attendees make the transition to being full voting members.


Committee Chairs

Committees are an integral part of the club and help to carry out the "day-to-day" activities and projects.

Club Services - Dan Iosif and Cory Tretiak

Responsible for booking meeting venues, preparing and distributing the newsletter, and updating the website as well as the Facebook and Meetup accounts. Current projects include the planning of regular social events and the summer retreat. 

Community Services - Andre Hollingsworth and Louise Tyminski

The Community Services Sub-Committee is responsible for organizing community events for members to be involved with. 

International Services - Jared Hendry

Responsible for coordinating the involvement of the Club in international projects - including contributions of time, financial support and awareness of critical topics.

Vocational Services - Brooke Ramsay and Christine Woodward

The Vocational Services Committee is responsible for arranging professional development opportunities fo Club Members including arranging speakers at meetings. 

Youth Services - Nicole Amanda Fossli Neufeld

Youth Services is dedicated to improving connections and relationships between all three levels of Rotary - Rotary proper, Rotaract, and Interact. Our projects focus on uplifting youth within the community, as well as providing "next steps" within Rotary to Interact and Rotaract members. In the future we hope to have more service projects that not only engage youth, but provide measurable benefits to young(er) people within the Calgary community!