Consider becoming a full member by attending two of our meetings, volunteering with us once, attending a Rotary meeting and paying the $25 annual fee. Benefits of becoming a full member:

  • Vote in club matters such as  funding for projects, new partnerships, and club elections. 

  • Run for a position in the executive and influence the direction of the club.

  • Receive a personalized "Calgary Rotaract" name tag.

  • The annual fee supports the existence of our club, covering operational expenses such as Meetup, website hosting and design. This allows proceeds from fundraisers to be used for their intended purpose.

The membership fee can be paid by etransfer to, or through Paypal by clicking the button below, or in person at one of our meetings. Please ensure you have met the membership requirements prior to paying the annual fee. If you are unsure is you've met the requirements, please contact